Architecture and design competition

Amazon Conservation Center

In this contest, we investigate innovative proposals to set up an Amazon Conservation Center. Seeking to generate a multidisciplinary meeting point in a building of iconic and memorable character.


As a consequence of the rampant deforestation problems, the architectural program of the competition has to respond to two functions, awareness and research. That is why an outpost in the jungle was proposed.

Winning Team

Byron Esteban Cadena Campos, Rafael Suárez Molina, Carlos David Arcos Jácome - Ecuador


According to the philosopher Jacques Derrida, deconstruction is that search to dismantle the ways in which we see and do things. Likewise, the way in which the team approached the project started from “putting in crisis” the way in which architecture has been mostly done. Especially important factor in a context as complex as the Amazon. A place that is urged by more appropriate forms of intervention that contrast with the many wounds that humanity has inflicted on it.

Under this premise, the first step is to criticize part of the requirements of the contest. The possibility of occupying deforested land is voluntarily annulled, which represents, precisely, one more trace of the inappropriate forms of human intervention. Subsequently, it was decided to occupy the least amount of floor space. So, the road, an essential element for the operation of the conservation center, became our new terrain.

Once the space was designated, the program was arranged under two guiding axes: the regeneration of deforested land; and the generation of exchange routes. This way of doing things allowed the team to project with the motivation and security that the ecosystem of the place improves. Thus, human action becomes synonymous with contribution to the environment and shows the possibility of a future in which the architect is a key player in the repair of the world.

Byron, Rafael y Carlos

Winning Projects

Erika Ramos, Alessia Aliaga, Tracy Depaz, Edgar Salas

Second place

Honorable Mention Gold

Cinthya Karina Ortega Corral, Mario Paul Uribe Núñez, Christian Manuel González Zúñiga

Third place

Silver Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Bronze

Alexandre Tarin Flores, Sebastian Reyes, Felipe Salgado, Alejandra Villegas

Honorable Mention Bronze

Demián Flores, Fernando Gutiérrez, Maximiliano Colorado, Mikhail Ortíz

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